Bungalow Kids Bath
BAAD · Knoxville, TN · 2019
Design · Project Management · Build

An outdated, poorly laid out, and windowless bathroom was transformed to be bright and functional. Currently in use by a three- and five-year-old, the bathroom is playful, but can also change with the children as they grow.

White hexagonal wall and floor tile, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets bring brightness to the space while the blue-green wall, ceiling, and grout have a playful quality. The back pegboard wall continues the blue-green “grout” and adds birch plywood bringing warmth to the space while also adding hanging and shelf storage.

The toilet and sink cabinet are cantilevered to allow for easy cleaning and a feeling of openness within the space. The vintage corner tub was the perfect fit for the space adds an eclectic charm.