Mobile Restaurant


I spent a large quantity of time on the program development for my thesis. One of the major changes Bill has instituted during his tenor at Cranbrook is assigning an intital charette. He emphasizes program as a constraint to work with and against. Initially, I thought my desire to be a hostess would lend itself best to the program of a restaurant. I wanted to create a mobile, impromptu, interactive experience that could also speak to food culture.

Imagining the mobile restaurant in different environments enabled me to think about the relationship between the interior and exterior space. The way the trailer expanded could enhance and frame the surrounding environment. Conversely, the views from the environement into the interior are equally framed.

The exterior wall system was developed as a representation of the restaurant’s mobility. Travelling along the highway through America’s agrarian landscape, the rows and rows of farmland at 60 miles per hour creates a visual moire. The wall system is comprised of two rows of slats, slightly offset from one another, which recreates the moire when walking by the wall. The wood slats recall roadside farm stands and produce packaging. The lighting system is located within the wall, furthering the moire effect.

Mobile Restaurant: Corn Moire Wall System from Cheryl Baxter on Vimeo.