Ice Fishing Shanty


I wanted to create an architecture that responded to the cyclical program required for an ice fishing shanty. Its incredibly fascinating that ice fishing can only happen in the winter, when the conditions are right. The nomadic quality of the sport dictates the architecture of the shanty.

The Ice Fishing Shanty was a charette competition held in the Fall of 2011, my second year. 

I was also incredibly fascinated with creating a shanty that had a use during the summer. My initial sketch was a surface that was a barameter of the climate. This surface that has seasons that reflect the exterior, while the interior keeps the feeling of a warm wood cabin for all seasons.

The Shanty would have a steel structure with a wood cabin interior inserted within. The aerated concrete exterior cladding would be fastened to the steel structure. The aerated concrete would be planted with moss and an irrigation lattice would surround the entire structure.

The irrigation system would be connected to the ice fishing lake in the winter and summer. During the summer, the irrigation system would provide a mist that would cool the cabin and irrigate the aerated concrete moss wall. In the winter, the irrigation lattice would form a exterior ice wall, trapping a layer of insulating air between the ice and the concrete wall.